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A Blueprint for Life

Think of the chakaras as “organs in the energy body,” which just like our physical organs have specific functions and need to be healthy to do their jobs. Just as the organs and bones comprise the architecture of the body, the chakra system describes the architecture of the soul.

Understanding the chakra system gives you a blue print for life. Like a recipe for wholeness, the chakra system spans the full spectrum of human existence, from our earthly survival instincts to our lofty spiritual aspirations and corresponds to areas of the body and major aspects of everyday life, like emotions or communication or love.

In this self-paced comprehensive video course with chakra pioneer Anodea Judity, you will learn the theory behind each chakra and its relevance to your inner psychology. Then you will learn yoga practices to move energy through your chakras, along with a bonus discussion for each chakra about sharing this material with others – excellent for teachers and healers.

Comes with a beautiful full color booklet and lots of bonuses.

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Manage Energy Effectively with These Simple Exercises

Energy is the basic building block of all life – and certainly the key to success and well-being.

But do you know how to manage your energy effectively?

Maybe, like one friend, who feels tired and depressed, you have too little energy. Or maybe you’re like another friend, who has trouble mobilizing their energy and getting things done.

There’s even a chance you’re part of the 18% of the population that struggles with anxiety, or you’re too restless to settle down when you want to sleep or meditate.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, your energy is out of balance! An issue that can have a serious impact on your health and well-being.

There are simple exercises to help you manage your energy more effectively, and, in return: become the master of it.

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