I have taken yoga classes and worked out to videos for 10-12 years but have never found a class that has helped me so much as Cheryl’s.  I suffer with a lot of back pain from a fall over 30 years ago and, as my body ages, find I have more and more neck and lower back pain.  Cheryl’s easy-on-the joints moves have taught me how to find a lot of relief into the painful areas.  Since I try to stay active, I also enjoy her classes that involve more traditional yoga poses which give me more energy, and of course, the meditative exercises she incorporates to send us out in a relaxed state to face the world.  Her classes are never boring and she works with each person according to his or her ability. – Linda – Yoga student from Santee


I am writing this letter as a Professional & Personal reference for Cheryl Mason.  I have known Cheryl for 14 years as a client, friend and teacher.

I have been practicing Yoga for 12 years and teaching Yoga for 9 years. Cheryl was my first & favorite Yoga instructor. I remember her kind, gentle & effective teaching manner. Her classes were restoring, calming & enlightening.

Her passion for Yoga comes through in her method of teaching and the many hours of training she has worked to get.  With those many accumulated training hours she is definitely a highly qualified instructor.

With Cheryl’s guidance, keen insight, inspiration and encouragement, I discovered that I wanted to become a Yoga teacher. The interesting thing is:  Cheryl knew before I did that I would be teaching Yoga!

I am recommending Cheryl because of the positive impact she has had on my life as friend and Yoga Teacher.


~Sonya Rae Dreiling~


Cheryl’s own testimonial about Gentle Somatic Yoga!

Although I have done yoga for many years there was one continual challenge that I had and that was problems with my neck and shoulders.  Since I spent much time on the computer I experienced pain that would manifest in my shoulder that felt similar to being stabbed by a knife.  It was chronic.

When I went to get massages about my chronic neck and shoulder pain it was always interesting because they thought my muscles were in good shape but several therapists would say – “My goodness what have you done to your neck”.

When I went to my physician in Kansas he recommended that I take a supplement to help.

Throughout the years this was never something I could resolve even though I did lots of yoga stretches and warm ups.

In 2004 when I trained with Integrative Yoga Therapy there were a few somatic poses shared and some very limited information on what somatics was.  Then later in 2015 when doing a training on Functional Yoga Therapy again somatics came up.  When I returned from the training I ordered Thomas Hannah’s book Somatics – Reawakening the Mind’s Control of Movement, Flexibility and Health.  I was fascinated and started working to understand the exercises in his book but wasn’t sure that I understood all of them completely.

I was fortunate enough to find James Knight’s Gentle Somatic Yoga and not only get help but understand the reflex patterns I had developed while working long hours, many times in front of the computer.

I have also been blessed to be able to study to be a Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner with James so that I can better share and help students who attend my classes.

I personally practice Gentle Somatic Yoga several times per week and continue to reap the benefits!

Sonya Dreiling’s Testimony for Gentle Somatic Yoga – Sept 2016

I received this message from Sonya Dreiling and with her permission I am sharing this information. Sonya writes “I am still using the Gentle Somatic movements for getting my hip re-educated and I am astonished at the results I am experiencing. I have learned which movements to use for what discomfort I am feeling – and that discomfort is coming less often, Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Many thanks to you once again for helping me”.


Cheryl’s yoga for relaxation class has been a godsend to me.  It has taught me how to better deal with stress and listen to my body.  I look forward to it from one class to the next, and I feel more flexible and confident.  I would definitely recommend it for people of all ages and ability levels. – Diane – Yoga Student


When I started with Lake Marion Yoga, I had lost a lot of my muscle tone. My joints were stiff and I was not very flexible. It actually hurt my back to try to lie flat on the floor. Since I have been going to yoga, I have seen a great increase in my muscle tone and flexibility, as well as being able to control my breathing for a more relaxed feeling, as well as an increase in stamina.  I am able to perform tasks at home more easily. I am less stressed when working. And I now enjoy other hobbies again, such as hiking in the mountains, which requires me to use my muscles and breath control. I feel like myself again!  Dallas – Yoga Student


Cheryl  is a wonderful instructor & I feel so much better in so many ways since I started classes at Lake Marion Compassionate Yoga.  Susanne – Yoga Student


I have thoroughly enjoyed the yoga classes and look forward to participating each week. Cheryl is a gifted and fun teacher, and I appreciate the individual instruction that our smaller class size allows, as well as the camaraderie with our group! – Jane – Yoga Student